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This set $20 Lip creamy Is So Good

Valentina Richesse Royal Collection sale only $20

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Your lipstick alone can make you a queen, especially if it’s the Valentina Richesse Enticing Matte pice-of-art lipstick. Sexy red lips? Yes, please! Apply it with a single stroke and enjoy the freshness of the peppermint essential oils – because we care about keeping your lips hyrated and young. The light diffusing gel moves with your lips and gives you a natural look and a long-lasting matte effect. The difference between professional make up and all other make up is in the attention to detail: great colour, easy to apply, lasts all day and is made to protect your lips.


You’ll need a few of this gentle peach matte lipstick because once you try it, you won’t want to go without it.

For a dry lipstick, the Foxy is extremely nourishing, featuring peppermint essential oils that hydrate your lips and give you that fresh, cool, tingling sensation when you first put the lipstick on.

Creamy, sensual and featherlight, the light diffusing gel is what provides intense pigmentation and offers you excellent coverage, lasting color, and the perfect matte finish.

Just a single stroke and you’re done — putting on makeup has never been easier!


Long lasting matte lipstick that will look good on you whether you’re rocking a heavy evening makeup or you’re looking for a more natural, everyday look. It will look perfect on you — because it’s our Perfection shade and it’s only for ladies with extreme attention to detail. The moment you apply the Perfection Matte Lipstick, you’ll feel the effects of the peppermint essential oil, included in the formula to keep your lips hydrated and healthy. Go bold with excellent coverage and intense pigmentation and enjoy the smooth look you’ve always been looking for


Summer Lipstick is presenting the perfect summer color. It will look amazing whether you are going to a beach party or out to lunch with a friend. Our long-lasting formula allows you to enjoy life to the fullest while still looking amazing! The peppermint essential oil protects your lips and offers you a cool, “minty” sensation the moment you apply your new lipstick. Did we mention the super easy application? One stroke provides excellent results. We all want that bold, rich matte finish. Now you can have it


Enjoy a nourishing formula that no other matte lipstick can offer light-diffusing gel, peppermint essential oils and more, all for the sake of keeping your lips young. This delicious chocolate brown shade is one of the few that fit any skin tone. Did we mention the excellent coverage you get due to high concentration of pigments? It’s designed to turn heads! Apply with a single stroke and move on with your life — who said busy can’t look great? The beautiful matte finish will last all day long so you still look drop-dead gorgeous in the evening (even more than usual).

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